How to file a bug report

Since I waste lot of time on interpreting bug reports, I'd like to give a little guidance on how to file it correctly. I would claim that I spend at least 10% of my time on guessing and asking the reporter what the bug means. Plus - 5% more on

PNG Image Optimisation

I did some research at work for PNG image optimization, to find out what are the best tools to compress PNG RGBA to paletted png with alpha channel, that would also fit into a good workflow.
In previous projects it was common to compress each picture individually and that, of

Workaround for Zend_Dojo_Form when you render elements individually and dijit.byId() returns 'undefined'

Problem: When you render the form as a whole (i.e: <?php echo $this->form ?>), everything works fine, but when you render each element separate, the zendDijit {"id":"yourFormId","params":{"dojoType":"dijit.form.Form"}} is missing. This causes to break the validation/xhr process, because dijit.byId() returns

mismatched (minimal / tech-house)

did it last week - hope you like it.

lemonade allegory

What lemonade can teach us: A value is defined by how much personal importance we attach. Attributeless things are worthless.

Found it via twitter and worth a read.

e-mu 0404 usb control panel won't display on windows 7 and the default 48KHz issue.

Since a few months I had the very strange issue that the default samplerate is 48KHz which caused me to set it manualy each time I wanted to play "normal" encoded audio. When I upgraded to windows 7 the control panel stopped displaying. It launches correctly when windows starts but

The one and only correct way to use sprites.

In this post I'll show you the one and only correct way to use sprites and the very little benefit if you use sprites the wrong way.

It's in everyones mouth but a lot of people do not understand fully what sprites are supposed to optimize. Well we want so

life moves pretty fast

Every once in a while I write something really personal - and today is such day. As I've posted earlier on my flicker account, my step dead died a lonesome death. A few weeks have passed and all I can say is that time moves pretty fast. Your Mom gives

if your svn is obstructed

try to run a cleanup and remove all obstructed files from your local copy. Or better said: copy them to a save place! Now remove all .svn dirs from your copy and run an update on your local project and copy back the »obstructed« dirs/files. Hit refresh and commit

Permission denied in Unknown on line 0

if you install apache/php and get the following error:
Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0
Then consider to check the permissions.

What user/group has the apache?
ps -ef | grep apache

Who owns the files in your htdocs?


Because it is most

no fun with server

At work we've ordered a new server and I've installed and configured apache, mysql, php5 and lighty + some tools, when spontaneously 'less' died and also 'vim' broke. Then mysql didn't start, because 'There's not enough space in /var/lib/mysql/' and the eth0 changes I made broke aswell. reinstalling

The golden age of rap

Classics at:
... and even today: awesome!

got new server

bigger, better, faster. (AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Dual Core / 4 GB DDR2 / 2 x 400 GB SATA II / Debian)
Well ok - bigger, and better than the current one ;)

Dresden day one and a half

We woke up at 7am and I was tiered as fuck, because it was after 1am
when we finaly went to bed. I kinda hate it when I go on a trip - the
preperation sucks but luckily we've managed everything in time, at
least we didn't miss the train.

testing the cronscript

should work aswell...